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NFS Move

Done so far:

  • Installed sarge into a 20GB RAID 1 mirror.
  • Used the remaining (after root and swap) as another RAID 1 mirror with LVM on top.
  • Created LVs for homes and mail leaving 16GB spare to expand either FS.
  • Done 'rsync -a' of homes and mail. (Mail is still going ATM)
  • Installed and setup nfs-kernel-server as on dalek.
  • Tested mounting of mail and homes on gallifrey.

To do before switch:

  • Halt any boxen that have the NFS mounted.
  • Do a final rsync of both homes and mail.
  • Change IP of piper to '' and dalek to ''. (i.e. swap them)
  • Bring up the boxen we halted.
  • Make sure everything works.
  • Drink beer.