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Note: Retired Systems pages are generally outdated and for historical interest only. Unless otherwise stated assume the system/hardware does not exist.


  • Sun Ultra1
  • CPU: TI UltraSparc I (SpitFire)
  • RAM: 148Mb
  • OS: Debian Linux (Sarge-sparc64)


mccoy is the old login server, no longer in official use but kept as a login service for backup purposes. It additionally runs the mail service.


Mccoy, the old shell server donated by Sun, is in the process of being decommissioned, having been successfully replaced some time ago by the more powerful gallifrey. (Basically, we have a bunch of U1's in the rack, and a bunch of U5's in the cupboard that noone is using... calls for a hardware audit!)

The decommissioning was first announced in the motd on the 29th of September. As of the time of editing, there does not appear to have been any login activity since the 18th of December, indicating that it has finally fallen out of use - even sjh has logged out. However, 6 users are still running screen sessions on it. No audit seems to have been carried out of the other services it is running, or even if they work...


Shell Service now points at gallifrey. is now the alias for this system.

Mail Service

Mccoy will not be decommissioned until someone sets up a new mailserver.

What would happen if we pulled (ok, copied) the disk from mccoy and put it in a U5? Answers on a postcard!


There are a bunch of admin scripts mentioned in General Administration lying around, especially in /root/, apparently.

These will need found and backed-up/copied somewhere sensible/packaged/cvs'ed/whatever...

Tardis scripts package anyone? or does one exist? Might be a good idea to investigate. Kev wrote a packaging tutorial, what a nice guy!