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Note: Retired Systems pages are generally outdated and for historical interest only. Unless otherwise stated assume the system/hardware does not exist.

Argolin is named after the Argolin, who appeared in the Fourth Doctor story The Leisure Hive (1980).



I wanted to make this domU run the Solaris Shell Service but this relies on having a working OpenSolaris build for x86 PAE Xen.

NFS Problems

Pert and User:Bung have seen odd NFS client issues. Here's the advice of mrj from #solaris-xen:

23:09:18 < mrj> pert: the nfs folks asked the next time you see it hung for a snoop/tcpdump network 
                trace to see if the client is really sending requests to the server and if not, 
                then a kernel level thread listing at the client to see where it might be hung
23:09:37 < mrj> you can get a thread listing by doing the following
23:10:50 < mrj> echo "::threadlist -v" | mdb -k > /tmp/threadlist.txt