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Admin Information

The web service currently runs on davros, which also hosts the disks with the web content.

Supported Software


Tardis (grudgingly) runs php4/5, and we can install extensions if you require them.


MySQL and PostgreSQL are available. See: Database Service.

Web Applications

Currently there are some packages which are installed site-wide on the webserver which you should be able to make use of. For these, see their individual pages for details. At the moment, only the installation of wordpress is documented as I installed it, but there are definitely other bits of software on tardis which should be documented. This is a placeholder.



There are other webapps we should try and manage globally, if possible. Principally gallery and maybe some sort of wiki.

Service Information

Your web pages are located in


Note on installing web applications

Tardis is frequently crawled by web-indexing services, and hence sites hosted on Tardis are very visible to the outside world, often unexpectedly. Unmaintained galleries, blogs, etc. are frequent targets for spammers.

If you install a web-facing applicaions (eg. Gallery, etc), you MUST:

  • Keep all web-facing applications on Tardis updated with the latest security patches. Subscribe to the relevant security mailing lists.
  • Disable anonymous user input or use effective CAPTCHAs, if such things exist.

While we will disable insecure applications if we find them, we cannot guarantee to. Security of Tardis services is the responsibility of all of the project members, and the existence of insecure applications may jeopordise the project's continued existence.