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= State of TARDIS - Jun 2020 =
''Based off what I've seen recently...''
''Based off what I've seen recently...''

Latest revision as of 14:38, 21 June 2020

Based off what I've seen recently...

Boxes currently alive and in use

  • Hyperion:
    • Awaiting replacement - hasn't been touched because config is ???? and we were expecting to get a DAS from MT which never materialised
    • File server, old version of Debian, 32 bit only as Pentium 4
    • Replace with something FreeNAS based?
    • Main user data stored on a pair of fairly modern 2TB disks
  • Beeblebrox
    • Modern (ish) PVE host - the last in the cluster
    • Holds most core services now, everything bar LDAP has been migrated from the old version PVE on tennant
    • 1U HP Gen5?
    • all other hosts in this cluster have been powered down
  • Tennant
    • Old (legacy) PVE host - the last in the cluster
    • iirc only has the LDAP server on it at the moment as I couldn't be bothered to migrate it considering we were going to be replacing it with something new shortly (although that never happened)
    • 1U Dell weird datacenter specific model?
  • Hyperchicken
    • "temporary" core services host - ESXi
    • it was never supposed to live this long
    • management IP is on the DHCP VLAN (static assignment to
    • I set it up so we could get a router going quickly when the physical one died because I know how ESXi networking works, and I don't know how PVE works well enough to get that set up without a load of trial and error
    • Also on this box:
      • Andrewferguson
      • Brainspawn - test oVirt management host (not hosting anything)

Other boxes powered on

  • Phantom
    • Test oVirt VM host
    • managed by Brainspawn on Hyperchicken
    • Literally no config on here whatsoever
    • These things are very hard to configure
    • Nothing important so can be killed
  • Basscannon
    • Gamesoc's colo box