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New PaaS (Platform as a service, as opposed to VMS which are IaaS (infrastructure)) host running RedHat opensift on bare metal (useless for VMs as 32 bit)

Operating System: CentOS Linux 6 (32 Bit)
IPv4: waiting
IPv6: none
2U Dell PowerEdge 2650 2x Intel Xeon (Ancient) @ 3.2 GHz, 4GB RAM, 2 x Maxtor 10K 63GB RAID1
Primary Services:
openshift app host
Other Information:
Donated by User: Angusp


Often complains on boot when the Dell remote access controller is not plugged in to ethernet.

Embedded server management is a bit dodgy, occasionally fails on boot but doesn't effect system once booted; may need f1 key pressing.

Has a floppy drive.

USB keyboards break with Scroll Lock enabled.