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* IRC channel imaginarynet#tardis (See [[Connecting to IRC]])
* IRC channel imaginarynet#tardis (See [[Connecting to IRC]])
* Shout web IRC [http://shout.tardis.ed.ac.uk/ http://shout.tardis.ed.ac.uk/] ([http://shout-irc.com/ about])
* Shout web IRC [http://shout.tardis.ed.ac.uk/ http://shout.tardis.ed.ac.uk/] ([https://thelounge.github.io/ about])
* Jenkins CI [http://jenkins.tardis.ed.ac.uk http://jenkins.tardis.ed.ac.uk] ([https://jenkins-ci.org/ docs])
* Jenkins CI [http://jenkins.tardis.ed.ac.uk http://jenkins.tardis.ed.ac.uk] ([https://jenkins-ci.org/ docs])

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The Tardis Project is a computing facility, run and maintained by students of The University of Edinburgh. It was one of the first such projects of its kind, founded in 1987 by the School of Informatics (previously Department of Computer Science) and is still held in high regard. Tardis provides services to members of the University, such as web hosting and mail access.

One of the Tardis Project's main aims is to allow students at the university to be involved in running a large computing system, and learn the experience required to design, build and maintain such a system.

Get an Account

Accounts are open to all students and staff, for more information, please see the Account Applications, or contact us with any queries you may have.

More about the Tardis Project and its purpose can be found in The Tardis Charter.

Login TL:DR;

ssh user@ssh.tardis.ed.ac.uk. More info on the Shell Service.

More verbose information on using Tardis can be found here: Tardis Beginner Tutorials

Next meeting

We regularly have meetings in the The Auld Hoose on Mondays at 1830. All are welcome and we would especially like to meet any freshers interested in the project or who want accounts.

If you would like to chat to existing tardis users, our timelords or assistants (sysadmins) please join our IRC channel: #tardis on ImaginaryNET.

Popular Services

Current Events

Here is a list of current changes, major problems and developments going on in Tardis.

rphi has set up a Trello to keep track of things currently happening in Tardis. (One of which is to move this Trello off Trello and onto something hosted within Tardis.)


(unfortunately MediaWiki won't let me embed a mini Trello board here)

If you would like to help us with or you would like to learn about how we are doing any of the above projects please contact us at support@tardis.ed.ac.uk.


22 June 2020

6 June 2020

19 January 2020

  • Moved TARDIS from the old Sun Microsystems rack to a new Dell rack

24 May 2018

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