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Hi All,

Created this page for people to discuss what the plan is with regards to retirement and potential disposal of some of the older gear in Tardis to make way for new things. As of 23/09/19 - the pile is looking as follows:

Servers in the pile to retire:

  • Bluewhale (kline)
  • pangalacticgargleblaster (angusp)
  • torchwood (angusp?) - probable raid card failure? (lots of IO timeouts)
  • skaro (arkan)
  • auton - raid array fucked
  • gallifrey (arkan)

Very old things:

  • Sunfire v210: ace
  • nasty KVM
  • gateway e-1400 pc
  • dell optiplex pc of some p4-era vintage
  • w2000 dell latitudes x2
  • sun netra t1
  • cisco PSU
  • no-brand AMD semperon PC
  • sun ultra-5 x2
  • spiderport
  • 2x kontron telco servers (oracle and wotan)
  • poweredge 1650 (piper)
  • 3x poweredge 1850 (ace, ace and kal)
  • hp dl380 gen4
  • sunfire 280r (iirc old webserver? potentially with data that needs recovered?)
  • poweredge 2950 ii

If anyone has any comments, lays claim to any of these machines or has any info that I'm not aware of regarding special significance and why they should be kept, these will likely be given to Informatics Student Support as they have said they will help us dispose of anything we want gone when they get CCL in to do the next recycling pickup. I'm going to set a provisional date of late October for this to happen.

I'm quite keen to keep a couple of Sun machines, just because they run SPARC and that's unusual, but also that's only if they are still functional. As for the PowerEdges, I can't see they have any particular significance?

Thought this would be easier to keep track of than an email chain, so please comment :D

--Rphi (talk) 13:58, 23 September 2019 (BST)