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* [[Web Service#Usage Guide | Tardis Web Guide]]
* [[Web Service#Usage Guide | Tardis Web Guide]]
* [[Shell Service#Usage Guide | Tardis SSH Guide]]
* [[Shell Service#Usage Guide | Tardis SSH Guide]]
* To add yourself to the support mailing lists, edit /etc/aliases on [[Boe]]
=== Tutorials ===
=== Tutorials ===

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Tardis Support


  • To add yourself to the support mailing lists, edit /etc/aliases on Boe



  1. What is Tardis?
    Instituted in 1987, the TARDIS Project is a student-operated computing facility, hosted by the Informatics Department at the University of Edinburgh. The project provides free web hosting, e-mail accounts, mailing lists and other services to registered students and staff from the University. Thanks to our pool of local student system administrators, we are able to continually maintain and tailor our services to meet the ongoing requirements of our users; including services for student clubs and societies.
  2. What address do I use to log in to tardis?
  3. What address do I access my mail on with POP3 or IMAP?
    pop.tardis.ed.ac.uk for POP3 and imap.tardis.ed.ac.uk for IMAP.
  4. Where can I find my Tardis website?
    Internally, at /tardis/www/users/USERNAME/pages/ and externally at http://www.tardis.ed.ac.uk/~USERNAME/.
  5. What are the different services running on Tardis, and where can I find them?
    There's a constantly updated list of services at Services.
  6. Can I run this-and-that software on Tardis?
    Yes, as long as it doesn't contradict the Edinburgh Computing Regulations, the JANET Acceptable Use Policy or the Tardis Charter. You also should be considerate when compiling and running your software on Tardis, and renice long non-time-critical processes to an idle priority (`renice +19 [PID]`) so as not to annoy other users. If you are unsure that your software is suitable to be run on Tardis, please contact an admin.
  7. Is there a quota on disk usage in my homedir, webdir or mail, and are there bandwidth limits?
    There is no hard quota, but Tardis is a trust-based community and all users are expected to behave reasonably. In general, do not store what you don't need to in your homedir, delete old mail with large attachments or download it to your home computer, and don't host heavily bandwidth-intensive things on your webdir - if unsure, please contact an admin.
  8. What are the regulations that restrict what I may and may not do on Tardis?
    Tardis is an Edinburgh University project, connected to JANET. As a result it is bound by the Edinburgh Computing Regulations and the JANET Acceptable Use Policy. You are also expected to abide by the Tardis Charter.


Tardis hosts training sessions for new administrators, you may also be able to find useful information in our Training section.

Unfortunately, we are not hosting training sessions at the moment. However, please do come to a meeting and ask us about anything and everything.

Contact Information

If you still are unable to find what you are looking for please contact one of the Admins through the Contact page or by e-mailing support@tardis.ed.ac.uk.