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Usage Guide

Fez and Torchwood run the primary and secondary shell login service for Tardis, externally accessible via and In order to log in to the Tardis systems you will need to obtain an SSH client. For those with Linux/Unix systems, you should be able to run ssh from a command shell. For those in Windows, you are advised to have a look at PuTTY. Use this to connect to, giving the supplied username and password.

You can change the password on your new account using passwd from the command line, and you are advised to do so on your first log in. You can read your mail off the system using pine, or whatever your preferred mail client is.

For more help in actually getting started using a shell see Tardis Beginner Tutorials.

Shell Server

We run OpenSSH latest authenticated against LDAP. The primary shell login host is Fez which runs Debian Linux (OpenVZ). To log in ssh Please be aware that the new SSH server Fez is running a ban service to mitigate brute force attacks; 6 failed attempts at login will cause a ban; Bans will expire after around 20 minutes of inactivity.

Dumping Screen Sessions, Weechat, Irssi, etc.

While fez has a full featured install, Torchwood is intentionally nerfed to dissuade people from dumping sessions there.