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This is referring to the 'new' router running within Hyperchicken.

This information is here because NetBox seems to be read-only at the moment

Current host

Operating System: PFsense 2.4.3
Hostname: /
IPv4: Primary:
IPv6: none
VM on Hyperchicken with 2 CPUs and 1GB RAM
Primary Services:
Primary router, DNS resolver (forwards to Rose), NTP server pointed at ntp.inf, DHCP server etc etc
Other Information:
Setup by user:rphi. Looks like ESXi is passing through hardware accelerated crypto to the host, so AES-CBC,AES-XTS,AES-GCM & AES-ICM are all turned on. Not sure if we'd be using those though.

Networking and VLANs

The VM has two NICs, vmx0 is connected to the 'Trunk Ports' port group (a VLAN trunk into the switch), vmx1 is connected to the 'EDLAN Ports' port group, which is connected untagged to the EdLAN uplink.

There are these VLANs in Tardis at the moment:

  • Internal: on VLAN 6 - DHCPed, general internal network for new things, replaces Projects
  • TardisLAN: on VLAN 3 - old primary network using our public IP space
  • Colo: on VLAN 7 - colocation network, has some DHCP pool allocated
  • CompSoc: on VLAN 5 - CompSoc network (why isn't this in Colo?)

LDAP (or lack of)

LDAP doesn't seem to want to work, it can bind and pull down OUs on the config page, but the tests fail. Probably something to do with the following:

May 24 19:12:36 jellybaby slapd[2266]: conn=x op=1 SRCH base="ou=People,dc=tardis,dc=ed,dc=ac,dc=uk" scope=2 deref=1 filter="(|(ou=*)(cn=users))"
May 24 19:12:36 jellybaby slapd[x]: <= bdb_equality_candidates: (cn) not indexed
May 24 19:12:36 jellybaby slapd[x]: conn=x op=1 SEARCH RESULT tag=101 err=0 nentries=1 text=
May 24 19:12:36 jellybaby slapd[x]: conn=x op=2 UNBIND

Email notifications

It is configured to send notifications to sysmans@ via Chloe.