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This page is out of date and needs rewriting.
The content is likely to be incomplete or incorrect.

Work in progress. seth is messing with stuff


  • Backups
  • LDAP/passwd
  • New NFS
  • Service monitoring
  • Alerting service
  • General - root passwords/keys
  • New people / tutorials


attendees: seth, sjh, susie, des, riot, bung, kev


  • We should probably generate static password files for at least the admin group, so stuff still works when LDAP dies.

Service Monitoring

  • We should have something. mon was sugggested, but we shall see. Probably worth another argument if someone goes out and looks at stuff.


  • spam all users about downtime
  • bung will fix allusers@ done


  • kev will do a tutorial, seth will farm noobs
  • u5's autoboot
  • no one is allowed to touch reaper til after seth's dissertation
  • backups on tennant - home, mail,db, ldap, public_html, configs into svn. tape backups - mail or home. weekly backups to IDE
  • kev will make xen irc - kill off colin so no u1's
  • CPU for the Dell poweredge
  • 16 port/24 port 100mbps switch
  • planet.tardis - des