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Attendance: Ben Hussey, Steven Hill, Brian Campbell, James Addison, Chris Thompson (GameSoc), Marco Elver (Cluster Project), Kenneth Strouts (Cluster Project)


Future Location of Tardis

- Weighed up access opportunities to the forum against possibility of obtaining space another department - A cupboard in Appleton Tower for setup/storage would be useful - Agreed that the housing tardis in the informatics forum is probably the best solution - We will probably be restricted to access within teaching hours but we will have to work around this.


- Workshops dependant on space to play with servers - Talks about something (sjh: DNS/bind?) (Jay: webservers?)

Cluster Project

- Has potential to be turned off if Inf deem us to be using too much power - cluster can be used 'on demand' - Networking for nodes plugged into head node - NetLOM of each node plugged into switch - LOM passwords need changed


- New agreement see GameSoc - Server will need to talk out to the internet on certain ports (some gameservers require this to function) - Possible wake-on-lan (server will probably only be used once a week) - Steve will pinch acquire an nice server for them to use (Intel based please)


- Possibly use a Sun 210 as the router - Has gigabyte network card with four interfaces - LOM (network plugged straight into Inf network) as a fallback if it breaks

Other Boxes

- Other 210: possibly install solaris to make sjh happy - Move donated stuff (BT donated) to cupboard


- 2x Netra (will need returned to Charles) - Adric can be decommissioned


- Rearrange VLans to make things neater - Network management in separate Vlan - Cluster and network management in own Vlan


- Open up outbound IRC (through bouncer to prevent port-forwarding via ssh)