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=== Configuration ===
* Leela is now a VM running on [[Oracle]]
[[category:Retired Systems]]
* RAM: 128MB
* Disk: 2GB root & 512MB swap
* OS: Debian lenny
Note: the old box is temporarily on until we can be sure it can be thrown.
=== Hosting ===
|os=Debian Wheezy
Leela handles tardis' DNS.
* [[DNS Service]]
|hardware=domU on [[oracle]] with 128MB RAM
|services=[[DNS Service]]

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Note: Retired Systems pages are generally outdated and for historical interest only. Unless otherwise stated assume the system/hardware does not exist.
Operating System: Debian Wheezy
Hostname: leela.tardis.ed.ac.uk
domU on oracle with 128MB RAM
Primary Services:
Other Information: