IP Allocation

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This page attempts to list the various allocated and free IPs in the TARDIS managed space.

See Also: Systems

Address Hostname Online Reverse DNS Comment kal Yes kal.tardis.ed.ac.uk Router ace Yes ace.tardis.ed.ac.uk New Router (For Testing) karn Yes irc.imaginarynet.org.uk IRC Host wotan Yes wotan.tardis.ed.ac.uk Xen VM Host oracle Yes oracle.tardis.ed.ac.uk Xen VM Host hyperion Yes hyperion.tardis.ed.ac.uk New NFS Host? skaro Yes skaro.tardis.ed.ac.uk Proxmox VM Host valiant Yes valiant.tardis.ed.ac.uk Docker Host cybermat Yes cybermat.tardis.ed.ac.uk GitLab Server bluewhale Yes bluewhale.tardis.ed.ac.uk Colo - User:kline's CS24 bluewhale Yes petunia.tardis.ed.ac.uk Colo - User:kline's CS24 Management NIC nvgs Yes nvgs.bluewhale.tardis.ed.ac.uk Colo - VM on Bluewhale ukairo No ukairo.tardis.ed.ac.uk Xen VM Host leela Yes leela.tardis.ed.ac.uk DNS Server davros Yes davros.tardis.ed.ac.uk Web Server sat5 Yes sat5.tardis.ed.ac.uk SIP Server rose Yes rose.tardis.ed.ac.uk New DNS Server sontar Yes sontar.tardis.ed.ac.uk Application Server fez Yes fez.tardis.ed.ac.uk Primary Shell Server angel Yes angel.tardis.ed.ac.uk Gliding Club Web Server (Replaces obsidian) ood Yes ood.xen.tardis.ed.ac.uk Lists Service obsidian Yes obsidian.xen.tardis.ed.ac.uk Gliding Club Web Server No No RDNS Entry magnus No magnus.xen.tardis.ed.ac.uk Old CompSoc server azal Yes azal.xen.tardis.ed.ac.uk Webmail argolin No argolin.xen.tardis.ed.ac.uk Old Solaris Shell Service vortis Yes vortis.xen.tardis.ed.ac.uk Old Primary Shell Service boe Yes boe.xen.tardis.ed.ac.uk Mail Server sil Yes sil.xen.tardis.ed.ac.uk Database Server donna No donna.xen.tardis.ed.ac.uk Testbed No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry rassilon Yes rassilon.tardis.ed.ac.uk Puppet / CA No pangalacticgargleblaster.tardis.ed.ac.uk Colo - User:angusp's CS24 No toaster.cc No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry jellybaby Yes jellybaby.tardis.ed.ac.uk LDAP torchwood Yes torchwood.tardis.ed.ac.uk Backup Shell Server / Management No pandorica.tardis.ed.ac.uk No harkness.shift.tardis.ed.ac.uk judoon Yes judoon.tardis.ed.ac.uk Sentry Server No arc.pandorica.tardis.ed.ac.uk badwolf Yes badwolf.tardis.ed.ac.uk Jenkins No forum.benjeffrey.com No phobos.pandorica.tardis.ed.ac.uk isolus Yes trogdor.tardis.ed.ac.uk New Mail Server Yes No RDNS Entry tennant Yes No RDNS Entry Proxmox VM Host gallifrey Yes gallifrey.tardis.ed.ac.uk Proxmox VM Host No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry No No RDNS Entry