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Operating System: Debian Wheezy
Hostname: hyperion.tardis.ed.ac.uk
IPv6: none
Supermicro tower with P4SC8 motherboard. 1x Pentium 4 HT 2.6GHz, 512mb RAM, 2x 80gb SATA, 2x 160gb SATA, 2x 2tb WD SE SATA (Donated by R2ZER0)
Primary Services:
Other Information:

Hyperion has the following RAID 1 arrays:

  • 80gb - Mounted on /
  • 160gb - Mounted on /export/160gb1/ - Holds Proxmox backups
  • 2tb - Mounted on /export/2tb1/ - Holds home, mail and web directories

Uses software RAID due to the hardware RAID having issues with Debian for some strange reason.

The pair of 2tb WD SE hard drives were donated by R2ZER0 and are still under warranty until early 2020. The receipts are with the important documents, or speak to R2ZER0 for proof of purchase if replacement is required.