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Operating System: VMware ESXi 6.7.0 (Build 8169922)
Hostname: hyperchicken.in.tardis.ed.ac.uk
IPv4: (DHCP static allocation)
IPv6: none
HP Proliant DL380 G7, 192GB RAM, 6x147GB 15k HDDs
Primary Services:
Temporary/Trial hypervisor - currently holds the router
Other Information:


There are a good number of interfaces on this machine, configured as follows:

  • Onboard NIC 1 - Management: Access to the ESXi console, assigned over DHCP.
  • Onboard NIC 4 - EDLAN uplink into virtual switch 'EDLAN' and port group 'EDLAN Ports' - this switch and port group operates untagged
  • PCIe NICs 1-4 - Trunk uplink into network, connected to virtual switch 'VM switch'. Requires tagged port groups, these have been configured for TardisLAN, Internal, Colo and CompSoc.

Eww ESXi

  • 'Yes, it's proprietary' but also fairly nice? It is licensed with a perpetual free licence, only restrictions being no vCentre for clustering.
  • 'Kill it with fire!' - please do, it was an experiment which threw up some issues - namely it can only handle Microsoft AD not OpenLDAP for some obscure reason. Careful though, it has the router on it.