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The following is an agreement between the Edinburgh University Tardis Project (tardis) and the Edinburgh University Computer Gaming Society (gamesoc) with regard to the gaming service provided jointly by them. The following terms are defined throughout:

  • The Edinburgh University Tardis Project (tardis)
  • The Edinburgh University Computer Gaming Society (gamesoc)
  • This agreement between tardis and gamesoc (the agreement)
  • The gaming service provided as a result of the agreement (the service)
  • Students of the University of Edinburgh (students)


  • By the permission given by the school of informatics, tardis grants gamesoc permission to run a gaming server, bound by the agreement stipulated below.
  • This permission is granted on the basis that gamesoc are endeavouring to make the service more accessible by students. No charges above those required for maintenance and upgrading of equipment may be levied for use of this service. If it is found that gamesoc's actions are hindering students' access to this service, permission to provide this service may be revoked.
  • Given the nature of tardis, no guarantees can be made on the availability of this service, or of it's continued provision. If due to matters outwith tardis's control the service needs to be terminated, tardis may do so as they require. The first part of this is make it clear that tardis is not liable for any loss if things break. The second part is a safety clause so that if the service has to be pulled, it can be. The 'matters outwith tardis's control' prevents tardis pulling this service for their own benefit, but still covers and situation where tardis would have to remove the service.
  • The use or provision of this service must not breach janet regulations, the university computing regulations, or UK law.

Service scope

Access to gaming services are restricted to the following

  • Gamesoc members may connect to this service.
  • At no time shall this service be provided to unknown 3rd parties.

This was the major concern of the university in us running this service as this would, in their eyes, be a clear breach of janet regs


  • Anyone with shell access to the server must be a tardis user bound by our regulations and the University Computing Regulations.
  • Gamesoc shall nominate a sole member of their society (hereafter referred to as "gamesoc's appointed contact"), with whom tardis may liaise directly, with regard to matters relating to this agreement. Tardis must be notified via the relevant communications channels, if this nominated party is to be replaced.
  • Any long term changes to the setup of any equipment held on tardis should be discussed with Gamesoc's appointed contact.


  • Tardis shall provide hosting space for a server of reasonable size, as well as network connectivity and power.
  • Any equipment provided by gamesoc which is held at tardis, shall remain property of gamesoc. At gamesoc's request, tardis will arrange to make any equipment belonging to them available. In the event of termination of this agreement, any equipment held will be returned to gamesoc.
  • Tardis is not liable for any damage to gamesoc's equipment.
  • Any equipment hosted at tardis may be accessed at any time by a member of the tardis administration team. This includes both physical and logical access. Access may also be given to members of staff of the university if required by law.


This agreement may be updated at any time, providing changes are agreed by both the committee of gamesoc and by the tardis administration. Last Updated: 29/09/09