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Here be dragons

Summary: Don't change the firewall configuation. It's not for changing.

In all seriousness, the firewall is pretty much the only bit of Tardis that absolutely has to be in good working order, for the sake of the project. If you feel the need to make changes, discuss it with everyone, especially the people who understand the ramifications (particularly in regards to the relationship the project has with the powers that be (ie, Informatics)).

However, if you were (theoretically) going to change it, the instructions would look roughly as follows...

Changing the Tardis Firewall

Login to davison as root. Using RCS, check-out(lock) the firewall script with:

  rcs -l tardis-firewall

The tardis-firewall script is quite complex so take a good look over it first, it is fairly well documented. Try to make your edits in an appropriate place.

When you're done, you can deploy your changes by running:


A bunch of stuff will scroll past, ending in something similar to:

+ echo 'Setting up fail-safe mechanism.  Use '\''atrm <job id>'\'' to stop it.'
Setting up fail-safe mechanism.  Use 'atrm <job id>' to stop it.
+ at now + 2 minutes
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
job 321 at 2006-08-20 12:48

Pay close attention to the last two lines! The tardis-firewall script has a failsafe mechanism. You have two minutes to test that your new configuration is sane. At the very least you should test that:

  • You can ssh into davison from the outside world..
  • You can ssh into gallifrey from the outside world.

If you're satisfied that you haven't broken anything, do:

  atrm <job given from script (eg 321 from the above example)>

to disable the failsafe.

If you fail to atrm the job in time, the firewall ruleset will be flushed, and routing will be disabled. You will have to log into davison externally, fix the firewall script, and re-run it.

If you're satisfied your edits do what you want, you can commit(unlock) the changes in RCS with

  rcs -u tardis-firewall


  • Be careful!