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I think tardis rocks because:

  • We can provide a safe (Xen) introduction to new sys admins
  • We provide a realistic environment for system administration with large numbers of users and large volumes of data
  • We provide a realistic environment for learning and experimenting with real-world network technologies
  • Skills users and admins can gain are not generally taught in Informatics courses, since they're somewhat more practical/vocational than theoretical
  • We provide useful services for students (though people might potentially think it's wrong if these are provided long-term?)
  • We provide useful services for societies with sys-admin capable members
  • We have hardware such as the Cisco kit, the Suns, the Intel Xeon box and the rack, which students will not have access to elsewhere.

Tardis exists to:

  • Gather and promote system administration talent in Informatics
  • Help the effective use and management of computer technology amongst University societies
  • Provide an environment for discussion regarding sysadmin technologies (established and new)

Probably would be worth pointing out:

  • That people have blagged jobs through Tardis contacts or Timelords or something.
  • Timelord types make good contacts in general (or at least, Steve likes to give us hardware).
  • That people feel they've learned something through Tardis, and that it makes for good CV pimping.
  • That we have a quite surprising number of active users and societies using us (quite potentially 3 figures)

What would help us:

  • A small amount of space (one rack) in an inf-student-accessible location

What we require, worst-case:

  • A machine with network access :(

What we need to do:

  • Get more people interested
  • Reduce our heat output and footprint