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Last update: Aragorn 09:00, 1 October 2007 (GMT)

Currently Expected Downtimes

Downtime 2007

See Downtime 2007

Previous Downtime

NFS Server Transition - Today (Thurs 9th)

We need to take down things for a couple of hours to transition the NFS Service off the old NFS server Dalek onto the new NFS server Piper.

February Week 2 - 13/02/06 -> 17/02/06


> Works have miscalculated where they needed to drill the hole and will no
> longer be drilling in this room.'''

Tardis will be down for at most the whole of NEXT WEEK - There are building works in the room and we need to move the rack. We will be transporting some minimal infrastructure to another location for the interim. Mail access will be available as usual. Shell access will be available on Mccoy, which is We will try and point the existing ssh.tardis record at mccoy again as well.