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== Administration ==
== Administration ==
The current DNS admin is [[user:riot|riot]].
The current DNS admin is not [[user:riot|riot]].

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Leela runs the standard Debian package of BIND 9, which is at the time of writing 9.2.3+9.2.4-rc5-1.

The named daemon on leela is responsible for both dealing with and forwarding local requests, and answering authoritatively external requests for the tardis.ed.ac.uk domain.


The DNS philosophy of tardis is to use the machines' own names for A records and have as many CNAME's as necessary as aliases for their functions, i.e. ssh.tardis.ed.ac.uk is a CNAME for gallifrey.

The addresses in the tardis domain are distributed thusly:

  • 1 Default VLAN (Infrastructure)
  • 2 Internal Network
  • 3 External Services
  • 4 External Sandboxes (aka Solaris Machines/Containers)
  • 5 Gamesoc
  • 6 Laptops


The forward and reverse lookup databases are controlled by RCS to ensure that nobody can completely mess up the config with a mistake. It is important to co -l before editing the files and ci -u when finished, or your changes will be lost (and you'll probably confuse and annoy whoever edits it next).


The current DNS admin is not riot.