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Tardis has moved to Forest Hill

We have temporarily moved Tardis to Forest Hill. We are still looking for a pertinent home (maybe AT?). More information here.

Current Events

Here is a list of current changes, major problems and developments going on in tardisland. Hopefully this will be kept up to date...

  • Install Dell PE1650 and Migrate Piper onto it.
    • I hope to be able to simply rsync everything from piper onto the Dell, giving us a faster more powerful base without masses of reconfiguration required.
  • Install Second TIGPR2U
    • For more Xen space
  • Move Leela onto a VM
    • Its only doing DNS and its one of the last things running on a U5
  • Decommission Davros
    • Its not doing anything as far as i can tell. Just needs turned off, and its disks stored somewhere safe.
  • Migrate Mara onto the Sun Fire 280R
  • Migrate Ace onto one of the two Netra T1's
    • Again, one of the last U5's and being such an important role i'd like to see it moved onto a better machine.
  • The Backup Infrastructure needs to be addressed.
    • We need a bigger chassis/more disks. I have some parts laying around, hopefully we can get enough parts together to build something half decent.

See also Admin Projects.

If you would like to help us with or you would like to learn about how we are doing any of the above projects please contact us at