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This page is out of date and needs rewriting.
The content is likely to be incomplete or incorrect.
Note: If you already have a Tardis account this tutorial explains the best method to connect to Tardis IRC.

IRC is an online chat protocol which Tardis uses for day-to-day communication.

Connection Information

Server: Port: 6667 Channel: #tardis


There are a range of IRC clients most of which take some getting used to - here are some recommendations:

Cross Platform

  • Pidgin ([1]) - Does just about everything chat-wise.


  • mIRC ([2]) - The most popular IRC client (free but you get messages on startup asking you to pay)


  • XChat ([3]) - Windows version isn't free but a nice GUI linux chat client.
  • irssi ([4]) - Console based IRC client, clean and highly configurable.


  • mibbit ([5]) - Browser based chat client, try to use a real client where possible.