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CompSoc is the the University of Edinburgh's main student computing society and operates primary from the School of Informatics. They are also part of

Tardis has had quite strong connections with CompSoc over the years and a number of former CompSoc committee members and students have ended up in Tardis. Athough Tardis and CompSoc both have a lot in common, being the two big computing groups on campus, they serve different and complimentary roles in the University community.


Tardis provides CompSoc with a number of services. To facilitate this, the compsoc role account is used and CompSoc committee members (in the compsoc group) are given sudo access to the account.

Virtual Web Host

CompSoc has a virtual host on the Web Service.

  • Virtual Host:
  • Hosting Directory: /tardis/www/vhosts/
  • Hosting Config: /etc/apache2/sites-available/

Mailing List

CompSoc previously had a mailing list on the Lists Service but it appears to be deactivated at the moment.

Interwiki Link

CompSoc have their own wiki which covers some more student oriented material.

You can link to articles in the Wiki by prefixing a link with compsoc. For example:


produces compsoc:Tardis, a link to the equivalent page on the CompSoc wiki.