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The other half of the raid array for the homedirs in dalek is sitting in brigadier. We do not have any form of backups of homedirs in place, other than a copy from about a year ago.

Same applies to the webserver, although it's raid is in place, the disk has some very bizarre filesystem errors (re: ~kate/qcmweb)

Things to backup

User data

This is stuff we just can't get back/rebuild

  • LDAP
  • Currently backed up to /root/ldap/backup on baker (the LDAP server). This should backup elsewhere, for obvious reasons.

  • Home dirs
  • THIS IS UNRAIDED AND NOT BACKED UP! This has to get fixed on Tardis Day I.

  • Mail dirs
  • Similarly

  • Web dirs
  • Raid-Mirrored. Not backed-up.

Other stuff

  • System configurations
  • LCFG proved too much of a beast to handle. Best methods for doing this, suggestions? Tarballing /etc would help in a lot of cases, but isn't a proper solution.

  • System logs
  • There's probably some sense in this, if we get haX0rised, but that's probably OTT. Might be worth sending syslogs to a log server, which only l33t admins can access?

  • The wiki
  • MediaWiki has facilities for this - probably want to automate...