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Things that should be achieved.



Some weekend other than that of the 21st, or there will be no seth, as he is going home for the weekend.



Install New Server

  • Partition and install OS
    • Partition sizes?
    • Filesystem?
  • Configure
    • LDAP :(
    • NFS
  • Copy data off dalek
    • Shutdown everything first or let it break? (ps, A)
    • Pull disk, or network copy? (ps, A again)
  • Change NFS mounts on all the systems, or just call the new machine dalek as well.

Are the NFS mounts by IP, hostname, or cname? check me plzkthx

  • Cry

Move bigger disks to davros

  • blah
  • lol
  • etc

Let kev have his wicked way with brigadier

We can even get a Xen or a Virtualisation page :)

Book some rooms!

Moar things!