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We're running munin for some out of the box monitoring fun, which can be seen at [1].

To add a new host to this, on the box you wish to monitor:

colin:~# apt-get install munin-node
colin:~# vim /etc/munin/munin-node.conf

and add...

allow ^193\.62\.81\.11$

and don't forget to...

colin:~# /etc/init.d/munin-node restart

Also on davros, edit /etc/munin/munin.conf to add:

    use_node_name yes

Custom plugins

Some custom plugins have been written to monitor:

  • The number of items in the support inbox
  • The number of people logged into gallifrey

WOTAN uses the IPMI monitoring plugin from here. It has been changed to suit the idiosyncrasies of WOTAN's IPMI implementation. These changes should be documented some time...

Piper uses the standard sensors_ plugin, which relies on data from lm-sensors.


  • Munin occasionally sends reports to Malcolm, bung's irc bot, for example when cpu usage exceeds a threshold. These alerts can be seen in #tardismon