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Tardis now has a subversion service. I just made it. There's a repository for sf style projects under /var/autofs/svn/public/projects/n/ where n is the project name. The idea is that any projects on should be in there, and the svn should be public, or something to that affect. Assume that data in under that path on disk will be exposed to the public at some point.

Setup a new repository per project, something like

sudo mkdir /var/autofs/svn/public/projects/gobble
sudo chown -R kev.admin /var/autofs/svn/public/projects/gobble/
svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs /var/autofs/svn/public/projects/gobble/
find /var/autofs/svn/public/packages -perm +200 | sudo xargs -i chmod g+w {}

Don't share one big repository, that just means that version numbers will grow unnessasarily. fsfs is necessary for stability.

I (--Pert 16:54, 11 June 2007 (BST)) have added '/var/autofs/svn/private/' for tardis-internal repos which should not be shared with the world. The '/var/autofs/svn/private/' directory and it's contents should be owned by the 'admin' group and should be group writable so that all admins can use the repos contained therein.

Under '.../private/', I have created a configuration repo which should be used for configuration files. The rationale behind this is to enable us to track when, where and by whom changes to configuration files were made. The setup used inside this repo was coppied from the 'basic concepts for multiple administrators or machines' section of this page. Here are some basic instructions: