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This page is out of date and needs rewriting.
The content is likely to be incomplete or incorrect.


Racnoss is a Cisco 2511 router with one breakout cable to connect 8 asynchronous serial devices. We could do with another similar cable as it has another port for 8 more devices.

It currently provides serial consoles for some of Tardis' PCs.


It runs Cisco IOS Version 10.2(8a).


Telnet Ports

Access from ace with

   $ telnet cisco-serial <port>
Host Line Telnet Port
delphon 1 2001
midnight 2 2002
king 3 2003
ace 4 2004
piper 5 2005
mantis 6 2006
WOTAN 7 2007
oracle 8 2008


Racnoss runs a telnet server and is also connected to the Spiderport for administration. To setup a new port connect to Racnoss and run the following:

 Racnoss#conf t
 Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
 Racnoss(config)#int a
 Racnoss(config)#int async 5
 Racnoss(config-if)#description HOSTNAME
 Racnoss(config-if)#no ip address
 Racnoss(config-if)#async mode interactive