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'''[[WOTAN]]''': Still on '2.6.18' so will need a careful reboot.  As the upgrade to Xen '3.2' has already happened, we should get away with `xm save`ing the domUs while we reboot into '2.6.26'.  This could be done early one morning.
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== Still running etch ==
'''[[vortis]]''': Shell server.  [[User:Bacam]] suggested that we should just install a new lenny shell server, point ssh.tardis to it, and retire vortis at some time in the future.  Anyone know when security updates for etch will stop?
'''[[mara]]''': Web server.  Needs attention but might just be done early one morning.
== Still running etch ==
'''[[piper]]''': NFS & LDAP server. Needs attention and down-time booked in advance. (Has only just been upgraded from sarge to etch.)
'''[[mara]]''': Web server. Will be replaced with mantis
[[category:Admin Documents]]
[[category:Admin Documents]]

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This page should help us to make sure the upgrade to Debian lenny is done smoothly and quickly.

Things to watch

  • Remember to check that the latest kernel (linux-image-2.6.26-1-xen-686) is used the the Xen configuration ('/etc/xen/HOSTNAME.conf').
  • Make sure that 'linux-modules-2.6-xen-686' and 'udev' are installed on the Xen domUs. Be aware that having 'udev' mounted on '/dev' doesn't necessarily indicate that 'udev' is installed. Looking at '/dev/pts' should be better.
  • Run `find /etc/ -name \*dpkg-dist\*` and use `vimdiff` to merge changes from lenny into our customized configuration files.
  • Delete '/etc/network/options' as it's not used in lenny.
  • You might need to remove 'libsasl2'. This won't cause any problems as it's just a dummy package.
  • Configuration files where you should "install the package maintainer's version":
    • /etc/locale.alias

Running lenny














Still running etch

mara: Web server. Will be replaced with mantis