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Note: Retired Systems pages are generally outdated and for historical interest only. Unless otherwise stated assume the system/hardware does not exist.

Brigadier is a Dell Poweredge 1300.



Dual CPU mobo with one CPU fitted:

  • Pentium III (Katmai), 512Kb at 450Mhz



  • 1 x 64MB ECC
  • 1 x 128MB ECC
  • 2 x 64MB Non-ECC Non-Registered


  • 2 x ~4GB SCSI
  • 2 x 80GB IDE

System setup

  • Debian Linux (Sarge)
  • Running xen 2.7
  • Root FS on RAID 1 on the SCSI disks
  • LVM on RAID 1 on the IDE disks for guest OSes