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This page is to help co-ordinate the move from Appleton Tower to the Informatics Forum.

The move is scheduled to take place on Friday 1st May 2015

Systems In Need of Migration

The following systems are in urgent need of migration. When all of the following systems are migrated to the new infrastructure, this will allow us to free up significant amount of rack space.

Leela DNS - Most Urgent - We can fully retire oracle when Leela is migrated - User:angusp was known to have been migrating this previously.

Obsidian Gliding Club Webserver In Progress New Host: Angel

Ood Lists

Azal Webmail - User:Skull will migrate Done - Webmail now resides on Davros

Sil Database - User:Skull will migrate


Physical Systems to be Moved

Hyperion - Shelf on Order







Physical Systems which need moving but not possible to do immediately

The following systems need rails but are not deemed immediate necessity.

Jupiter - Shelf on Order