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This page is out of date and needs rewriting.
The content is likely to be incomplete or incorrect.
Ok, so apparently some people haven't used apt before. This here page is a repository of tidbits of information that might be useful.


To update the package repositories (for security purposes or whatnot):

apt-get update

To upgrade everything

apt-get upgrade

To install "foopackage", or upgrade it to the latest version:

apt-get install foopackage

Other stuff

To prevent a package from being upgraded (for example we use this with apache, as we need to maintain our own version):

echo foopackage hold | dpkg --set-selections
apt-get upgrade # or whatever

To see the changelogs for a package:

aptitude changelog foopackage

To check the current version of a package, and the version that apt wants to install:

apt-cache policy foopackage

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