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Some sort of attempt at a todo list. Yes, before someone bitches, this is no substitute for a tracker. Could maybe look into trac? Well, yeah, exactly...

It's better that this being kept track of in my head!

Serious Issues

Web transition from Mara

  • Mara needs moving to the new (nameless) Sun 280R.
    • Aragorn needs to make it box work and install Debian first.
  • Configuration fixes
    • Make it easy to backup and edit
    • Sort out permissions and make CGI "secure"-ish
    • Implement RCS (properly) for it
    • Scripts for adding vhosts/blogs


Quick Fixes

  • Miscellaneous Scripts
  • RAM Fitting. There should be a reasonable amount of 128MB U5 ram kicking about, which will bring machines up to 512MB. Apparently 256 sticks are available also

Medium Term

Long Term

  • Suggestions...?

Issues (Mostly) Dealt With (For Now)