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Account Applications

Tardis accounts are currently open to all students and staff at the University of Edinburgh. Accounts may also be granted for additional circumstances, but those wishing to apply for this must contact us directly for more information. Those with no connection to the university will not be granted an account.

Those wishing to become more involved in tardis and join the admin team will need an account on the system to start with. It is recommended that you note your interest when applying for an account so that we can provide you with further information.


Before you apply for a Tardis account, you should read, understand, and agree to the following:

Note: The following comment applies on the computing regulations:

  1. University computing facilities are provided solely for University purposes, unless otherwise authorised.

The School of Informatics has currently authorised use of the Tardis Project facilities in accordance with the Tardis Project conditions of use on the application form. Currently, no charge is made for this usage.


To apply for a Tardis account, you must fill in one of the following forms: